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The team of Digital Syntax Techies understands that the traditional Private Label route can be extremely profitable. Amazon FBA wholesale services help you launch your business by handling the details. It entails assisting you in selecting the right brands and contacting vendors to obtain approvals for the launch of their brand.

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Product Hunting

The first step in the Amazon FBA wholesale service is to identify a product that the client can sell.  we place a high priority on delivering products with high sales volumes. Product hunting in FBA wholesale is much easier and gives our clients more freedom to choose from a diverse range of products.

Contacting Brands

The selection of products for an Amazon FBA wholesale business, the next step is to contact them. Digital Reporter understands the importance of demonstrating profitability to clients. As a result, our knowledgeable Amazon FBA wholesale virtual assistants contact brands in order to persuade them to allow you to sell more products.

Account Creation

After the approval of the Amazon FBA wholesale business, the next step is to create an account on the wholesaler’s website. Amazon FBA’s whole services can help you set up an account and communicate with customers on your behalf. This allows easy reconciliation of the total product sales on Amazon as a wholesaler.

Ordering & Selling

After completing the approval and account creation processes, the next step is to place orders. This entails keeping track of the products’ inventory. Amazon FBA wholesale services handle the ordering, customer reviews, and stock taking. A competent service ensures that the business runs smoothly.

Pricing Model

  • In this plan the minimum investment which is required is $5000.
  • VA service charges for one month = $150
  • In this plan, Partner get 80% from the earning and 20% goes to the Service Provider and whenever the account is flipped, 70% goes to the Partner and 30% to the Service Provider

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